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Ironclad moving ChromeSince 2009, we have proven to be one of the highest rated and respected moving & Storage companies in Southern California. Dedicating our efforts to improving our methods and maintaining a solid platform on which to grow, We’ve come this far by not taking shortcuts. We always put customer’s first; their goal becomes our goal and we make short work of the most difficult tasks. With that in mind, you can always expect Ironclad Moving to do the right thing. The best part of your moving experience is having capable movers with great attitudes at your disposal. At Ironclad Moving we work extra hard for no extra cost.

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Our roots are set in Temecula, CA performing local moving. we now offer Long Distance Moving (All 50 States) Storage & warehousing, Packing services, and even international. We can execute your move A-Z.
We are fully licensed, Insured, Bonded, and adhere to all State / Federal Laws; we’re the good guys.
 Give us a call and our friendly staff will walk you through. We always find a solution and hey, our advise is FREE!

Your Move – In A Nutshell

We know that look,
even planning the move can become overwhelming. But remember, we do this everyday and on your side. :)

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Attentive movers follow you through your home as you point out everything you’d like done. Once you complete this process, you will be advised to find a comfortable seat from which to watch and supervise.

Protecting Your Belongings.
We bring a BIG bag of goodies known as the Home Protection Kit. Within this kit is all we need to protect your home from damage. Including, Carpet, Tile/Hardwood Floors, entire Entry Way, Banisters & more!

This is where you start to relax as you see how we waste no time getting right to work. Within a few minutes you will be excited to see the progress being made. Within an hour we will have washed away all doubt on whether or not you chose the right company to work with.

The furniture is in place, your beds are assembled, it’s time to take a sigh of relief…. You are now moved into your new home. Now all you have to do is get settled in. Moving is a daunting task, it’s a good thing you know who to call when the time comes. See you next time!

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